No Doc Commercial Loans

Cheap and Fast No Doc Loans, both Residential and Commercial

No Doc Residential Loans

  • All No Doc Loans are only for investors only
  • Not available for owner occupied residential properties
  • Suitable for Company applicantsĀ and are not available to individuals.
  • Clean credit history

For No Doc Loans the residential investment property must be in a major metropolitan area, and be in sound condition, ie no vacant land.

No Doc Commercial Loans

65% LVR

Sign and Go!

In the case of refinance, there must be 12 months statements from the current lender showing good repayment history.

Are you looking for a fast settlement?


*NO DOC LOANS 65% are still available*

For the NO DOC LOANS 65 we will have an answer for you within 24 hours of receiving your application


***2017 New Product for residential investors with multiple units ***